There's a lot to think about when choosing kitchen countertops, starting first of all with finding something you like to look at and to work on. But in order to like something, it will have to last. If it ends up with burn marks, cuts and stains, it will quickly lose its appeal and could lead to you wanting to replace it sooner than you might have imagined while you were installing it.

For the Edelweiss House we wanted something durable and nice to look at, but also something that wouldn't compromise air quality or have a big ecological impact. The Eco brand from Cosentino is such a counter.

Although considered part of the quartz family for retail purposes, in reality it has only a small percentage of quartz since it's comprised of 75% recycled materials. So check this out for a fun recipe to try in the kitchen - crush and mix together 600 glass bottles, 250 porcelain plates, 150 porcelain cups and 100 handheld mirrors. That's what it takes to make one 14 x 5 foot slab of the Consentino Eco brand surface.