Via Capitale

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2550, boul. Daniel-Johnson, bur. 500, Laval, Quebec, Canada, H7T 2L1

Ecological criteria

  • ü Contributes to energy efficiency
  • ü Conserves water
  • ü Contributes to a healthy indoor environment
  • ü Non-polluting
  • ü Contains recycled materials
  • ü Long lifespan
  • ü Limited impact on the natural environment
  • ü Developed with reduced environmental impact
  • ü Provides clean energy
  • ü Recyclable at the end of its life

Founded in 1991, the banner quickly spread across Quebec, thanks to its service offer that focuses on the protections offered to clients as part of a real estate transaction. In these last 20 plus years, the company has evolved with the needs of consumers and market trends, while maintaining a professional, innovative and humane professional image. Even the name has evolved, from La Capitale Master Broker to La Capitale Real Estate Network and finally to its current name. 

At Via Capitale, we are not content with just performing transactions, we are constantly adapting to market trends and consumers needs. Our client satisfaction approach makes us an industry leader.

In fact, according to a Léger survey, Via Capitale brokers have such a high customer satisfaction rate that clients do not hesitate to recommend them to their acquaintances. Our brokers offer clients the experience they are looking for and that benefits them the most!

And when a house is sold by a Via Capitale broker, both the buyer and seller are protected! Find the house of your dreams on our website and buy it through a participating Via Capitale broker and you benefit from our Mortgage and Homebuyer protections. Sellers also benefits, since their participating broker offers Homeowner Protection, which protects the seller against failure by the promisor-buyers to conclude the sale. We’ve been developing real estate protection programs for 20 years, making us the pioneers in the field and keeping us at the forefront of the industry.

Today, the Via Capitale name is synonymous with protection and innovation!