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20, route Goulet, Proulxville, Quebec, Canada, G0X 2B0

Ecological criteria

  • ü Contributes to a healthy indoor environment
  • ü Non-polluting
  • ü Long lifespan
  • ü Limited impact on the natural environment
  • ü Developed with reduced environmental impact

Livos has given a mission to create products which respect not only nature and the environment but also the human who uses it.

At Livos, we believe it is paramount that our values ​​of health, safety and environmental protection are reflected in the design of all our products. That's why we show transparency and declare the integral composition of all our products.

Since 1974 LIVOS has taken advantage of natural vegetable substances to design oils that are both healthy and effective in protecting, maintaining and highlighting the beauty and character of wood. All LIVOS products are subjected to numerous tests for optimal technical quality. Composed notably of linseed oil, dammar gum and an isoaliphatic solvent of very high purity, Livos oils are biodegradable, integrable in the natural cycle and non-toxic during and after application; So you do not need to wear a mask or leave the house during the work. Livos oils are used in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical fields. They are safe for pregnant women, children and pets.

Interior Products

Floor, kitchen, bathroom, moldings, furniture, wooden toys: Choose the right protective oil depending on where your wood surfaces are and how you will use them. Biodegradable, health-friendly and 100% natural after application, all Ecological Interior Oils from Livos, available in a multitude of colors and finishes not only bring out the beauty of the wood but are also very resistant to wear, scratches and stains.

Exterior Products

Biodegradable, ecological, non-toxic and natural, our impregnating oils for wood are perfect for all your outdoor projects. Economical to the square foot, they saturate the wood to make it waterproof and resistant to weather, sun and mold. Finished the scale finish: Livos oils are easy to apply and maintain for professional results every time.