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Ecological criteria

  • ü Contributes to energy efficiency
  • ü Contributes to a healthy indoor environment
  • ü Long lifespan
  • ü Limited impact on the natural environment

With the increasing demand for buildings without foundations, the search for better performing and leading-edge building techniques and over 30 years of experience in the construction field by its founder, the ISO-SLAB system was designed, developed and perfected with the input and cooperation of an engineering firm and a leading polystyrene manufacturer.

To adequately meet the demands of different projects either residential or commercial, four configurations delivered in a kit were developed. Two specific models for standard structure (12" and 14") and two specific models for passive house with double wall structure (16" and 18") the package kit is easy installation for home builder or contractor.

The ISO-SLAB system facilitates building on a high-efficiency insulated slab-on-grade, at lower costs and within a reduced timeline that typical basements. The use of the ISO-SLAB system with its superior insulation and optimal use of thermal mass, is ideal for projects with radiant floors.

The system is sold and delivered directly without intermediary to building sites from our 2 factories (Gatineau, Québec or Vancouver BC). Canadian and USA patent for all 4 models.

The system

From a leading edge design and concept and using the highest guidelines and quality standards, the ISO-SLAB system is an advantageous and easy solution for the construction of an insulated slab-on-grade.

The use of the ISO-SLAB system is applicable for all types of residential and commercial construction.


The ISO-SLAB system brings upon multiple advantages and benefits within your project.

Cost and timeline reduction

An overview of potential savings with the use of the ISO-SLAB system:

  • Total cost of construction 75%
  • Excavation 70%
  • Filling 100%
  • Footing 100%
  • Frost protection wall 100%

Easy installation

The implementation of the ISO-SLAB system only requires basic knowledge on standard construction techniques. In addition, the ISO-SLAB system includes a detailed guide to the various stages of preparation and installation.

Compliance and performance

A pledge to quality and performance, the realization of a project with the ISO-SLAB system collects 17 of the 65 points required for LEED certified projects.

Flexibility and adaptability

The availability of two configurations (12 or 14 inches for regular building structure and 16" and 18" for passive house with double wall structure) provides the flexibility to adequately respond to all types of residential or commercial projects, simple or complex, with different configuration features and variable surfaces.

Environmental impact reduction

The use of the ISO-SLAB system can significantly reduce the construction footprint, as well as limit the environmental impact in several respects.