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7420 rue Airport Road West, bureau 106, Mississauga, Quebec, Canada, L4T 4E5

Ecological criteria

  • ü Contributes to energy efficiency
  • ü Long lifespan
  • ü Provides clean energy

FLO is Canada’s most comprehensive and reliable electric vehicle (EV) charging ecosystem. We fulfil EV drivers’ charging needs wherever they are—at home, at work or on the go—offering an easy and seamless charging experience via a single platform.

Our mission

Encourage the adoption of electric vehicles by providing smart, reliable and easy-to-use charging solutions for EV drivers, wherever they are.

For home owners

The FLO Home™ charging station is uniquely designed for single-family homes.

Manufactured in Canada, FLO Home™ is built from premium components designed to last more than 10 years. Our technology meets the highest safety standards in the industry.

FLO Home™ can be installed indoors or outdoors. It is perfectly adapted to Canadian winters thanks to its NEMA 4X-certified aluminum casing, which can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 50 °C. The charger’s commercial-grade cable remains flexible, even in arctic conditions.

For condos and apartments

FLO collaborates with building managers and real estate developers to deliver tailor-made charging solutions for multi-dwelling buildings. Our solutions enable EV drivers to access charging services at their reserved parking space or in their building’s shared parking lot.

Our charging solutions for multi-dwelling buildings are integrated into the FLO ecosystem. As members, EV drivers can use their FLO card or mobile app to activate charging stations, and log into their personal account to check usage data.

FLO for businesses

FLO provides turnkey solutions to companies that wish to offer charging services to their customers, tenants or employees.

Scalable solutions

FLO solutions are designed to scale up with the growing demand for electric vehicle charging, thereby minimizing installation costs.

Smart energy management

FLO charging solutions reduce peak consumption, minimizing a building’s energy bill without compromising quality of service.

Maintain full control over your charging service

Site managers can control access to charging stations and adjust pricing by logging into their account on the FLO online portal.