Strawbale home / Events

April 12, 2014, midnight

Strawbale workshop with Sigi Koko of Build Naturally. Frederick, MD

...strawbale wall & have fun in the process!! Sigi Koko will teach you the skills to install and detail a strawbale wall to be durable & code-compliant in this wet...

May 17, 2014, midnight

Clay Plaster Workshop (the sculpting coat) w/ Sigi Koko

...home which will be worked on is the centerpiece of Michael & Ashley Judd's permaculture homestead on 24 acres in Frederick, MD. The house features rubble trench...

April 28, 2014, midnight

8 Week Full-time Natural Building Program, Asheville, North Carolina

...home and sponsor the second straw bale workshop. Steve co-produced the first video on strawbale, as well as the book, How to Build Your Elegant Home with Straw ...