Clay Plaster / Events

May 17, 2014, midnight

Clay Plaster Workshop (the sculpting coat) w/ Sigi Koko

...clay plaster to strawbale walls using durable, natural plaster made from clay soil! This layer is the sculpting layer...when we shape walls, niches, & any relie...

Natural Plaster - Endeavour Centre
May 9, 2015, midnight

Making and Applying Your Own Clay Finish Plaster with the Endeavour Centre

...clay and lime plasters can be applied on any typical wall surface, including drywall (painted or new) and plasters or masonry of all kinds. The plasters are mad...

June 11, 2014, midnight

Earthbuilding 101 (with one day options)

...clay, make and use earth plaster, and watch the amazingly-thick cob walls rise before your eyes each day. All manner of specialty techniques will be taught from...

April 28, 2014, midnight

8 Week Full-time Natural Building Program, Asheville, North Carolina

...clay, sand, straw and wood. Students will also learn about the use of appropriate modern materials, both new and salvaged. The NBS aims to: 1) educate through h...