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Oliver Hugh Nov. 1, 2019, 12:36 p.m. Reply

Hi Avery, I was with RBC insurance at one point and they had a service where you could ask them for the exact advice. RBC has since sold their business to AVIVA so they may not offer the service any longer. A first option is to could ask your company whether they offer this type of service.  Another option is to get a quote for the repair. You can then make a decision based on three known factors: a) the estimated cost of repairs; b) the fact that you know that your premiums will go up if you make a claim (though you don't know by how much); c) the fact that you know you will have a claim on file if you do file a claim (which has an impact beyond just increasing rates). Another spin on this option is to increase your deductible to save money on your annual premiums. I substantially increased my deductible to something that thought I could handle should something go seriously wrong, and this provides me with an annual savings on my insurance rates. Increasing my deductible also makes the decision (you face) easier if something happens, and by this I mean that high deductibles pushes me towards avoiding the claims process.  Of course, whatever you do, remember to be honest.