Your door should do more than just open and close. The VanAir Door was created to alleviate ventilation challenges in modern buildings. Don't let the doors in your next project be an afterthought.

Airflow channel

Staggered ventilation slots on opposing faces form a discreet and elegant ventilation pathway.

Up to 140 in2 ventilation area

Up to 170 CFM at 5 Pa

Equivalent to a 12"x12" louver/grille

Sound privacy

Sound absorbing resonators and acoustic baffles provide sound privacy similar to a solid door.

Up to 25 STC in a sealed perimeter

Compared to 28 STC solid core

Compared to 22 STC hollow core


Standard and custom sizes available

Up to 48" wide

and 120" tall


Residential, commercial and architectural

Available in 13/8"

and 13/4"

Available in a variety of wood species or primed and ready to paint. Custom machining and factory finishing options available.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

The VanAir Door provides passive ventilation to improve indoor air quality. It allows air to move freely and discreetly even when doors are closed.

Why ventilation matters

The shift towards more energy efficient buildings and increased air-tightness raises concern about its effects of heath.

Tighter building enclosures combined with inadequate circulation can elevate common pollutants.

The build-up of pollutants can make the average home up to five times more polluted indoors than outdoors.