Deconstructing the demolition industry to support a sustainable future.


Adam is a builder and entrepreneur with an extensive background in Passive House construction, deconstruction & reclaimed wood use. While building homes, Adam saw a need for major changes in the demolition industry and thus began his journey to start Unbuilders. Passionate about his family, mountain sports, and protecting our environment, he is committed to providing a more conscious and efficient future for the next generations to enjoy.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Environmental Impact

The industry shift to deconstruction has massively positive environmental & social impacts. Currently, 4 million tonnes of waste are diverted annually.

Social Impact

Deconstruction generates 6 jobs to every 1 demolition job – creating the potential for 75,000 new jobs nationally. The jobs Unbuilders provides allow young workers to contribute meaningfully to lessening waste in our society.

Community Driven

Having a building torn down can be an emotional event for a community. We ensure that we respect the stories and neighbours to whom these structures play an important role. We save these histories by giving materials a new life, typically turning negative experiences into positive ones.