T.L. Timber Ltd.

T.L.TIMBER LTD. builds high-quality handcrafted structures and log homes in Canada designed to suit your needs.


We started building our quality log homes in Canada in 1996, and since then have built hundreds of log homes at the best possible prices. What makes us one of the finest log home builders in BC is that each log or timber is selected by hand, and every part of our homes and structures are handcrafted to fit perfectly together. Our craftsmanship has been perfected to give you the best home package available. You can browse through our wide selection of log home plans or design something completely original to fit your budget with the help of one of our specialized log designers. Then let T.L. Timber help make your dream home the reality you’ve dreamed about for years.

At T.L.Timber Ltd., the facility offers high grade Dry Pine, Dry Spruce, Douglas Fir or Cedar logs and boast a vast array of dimensions and profiles. Our corner systems are saddle notched, dovetail or butt and pass. Our logs can be fastened with a thru-bolt, lag bolt and/or spring systems which enables proper settlement.

Many of our homes are one of a kind, custom built with superior grades of dry timber. We strive to maintain quality with quantity being noted for our reputable grade restrictions. T.L.Timber is a certified log graded facility under the Timber Products Inspection Program. Our sister company, which has been harvesting timber for over 25 years, allows us to hand select every log that is destined for the facility. Our greatest pleasure is to ensure your home is of the highest level of quality. We want both builders and homeowners to share their experiences with others as we very much believe that word of mouth is the best marketing one can get. In keeping with our focus, our standard protocol is to ensure that “we only utilize timber that we would use in our own homes.”

We look forward to hearing from you, about your dream home concepts, possibly a cabin, siding, timbers or simply to ask a few questions about us and what we do

Sustainability & ESG Rating

A log home is a responsible option when considering environmental sustainability. A log building that incorporates great design-build, and maintenance will easily last for several generations. Many homes are still in service 60 and more years after construction. This period more than allows the forest to regenerate the materials harvested to create the original.

Our custom-built cascade handcrafted log and timber homes naturally don’t require as much synthetic material as conventional construction, reducing the industrial footprint of pollution, energy consumption, and waste. Log homes can be easier to heat, using less energy too, which is always good for you and the environment.