Timbre Tonewood Ltd.

Timbre Tonewood is a wholesale manufacturer of Spruce and Cedar Acoustic Guitar Soundboards, as well as Figured, Big-Leaf Maple Components for Electri


Chapter One: Cedar Products

Timbre Tonewood was founded and incorporated in 1996 by David Lapeyrouse. Originally the company specialized in harvesting and manufacturing specialty cedar products, including guitar sound board-quality split cedar billets.

Chapter Two: Acoustic Guitar Soundboards

In 1996 Timbre Tonewood Ltd. was established as a stand-alone entity focusing exclusively on the production of tonewood products for the world market. At this time the company began sourcing tonewood-quality spruce and cedar logs, and manufacturing soundboards at its factory on Vancouver Island. Since then Timbre Tonewood has shipped millions of soundboards to five continents.

Chapter Three: Figured Maple

In 2002 the company added figured maple to its product line, and our focus today now includes flame and quilted maple for guitars and other musical instruments. To be close to our maple supply, we moved the mill to Abbotsford, one hour east of Vancouver, in the heart of the largest growth of Big-Leaf Maple Trees in the world.

Chapter Four: Veneer

Responding to requests from its customers, Timbre Tonewood recently added tonewood quality veneer to its product line. All of our flamed and quilted maple instrument components are now available as veneer sheets.

Timbre Tonewood is a wholesale manufacturer of Spruce and Cedar tops for Acoustic Guitars, as well as figured, Big-Leaf Maple for Electric Guitar bodies and Acoustic backs & sides.