Taiga Building Products

Established in 1973, Taiga Building Products has become the leading independent wholesale distributor of building materials.



Since 1973, Taiga has established and expanded its business and network centres. Certain significant steps in the growth of Taiga's business include:

1973 Taiga formed as a small group of brokers, twelve people, established originally as Taiga Forest products.

1974 opened its first distribution/sale center in Calgary

2005 Company name changed from Taiga Forest Products to Taiga Building Products Ltd.

2005 Taiga Logistics was created, providing transport solutions mainly in western Canada, but servicing as far east as Manitoba. The Taiga Logistics fleet has grown to include sixteen trucks company-wide. 

2008 Taiga International Sales (Export business) was built in Oakville, ON. Taiga International sells lumber exclusively into the U.S. from several border reload centers and includes an office in Buffalo, N.Y.  

2018 Taiga Building Products acquires Exterior Wood, Inc., located in Washougal, Washington.


Taiga is committed to being North America’s most reliable and efficient distributor of building products. ​


Great people, doing whatever it takes; we will:

Know your business/markets better than anyone in the business

Attract and retain the best talent the distribution industry has to offer

Be a market leader in the chosen product categories

Operate at a lower cost than any other company in our industry

Core Values

Doing more with less. Our people, in all scopes of responsibility, are diligent about streamlining operations and increasing profitability; driving wasteful costs out of the business while making service levels more effective for customers and suppliers.

Entrepreneurial spirit. Our branches are both profit and decision centres for our management team. Our people are empowered to express ideas, make pivotal decisions and take appropriate risks that create added value. We believe that great talent is a company’s strongest asset and invest in attracting the best people with a drive to achieve. Performance that supports both our mission and vision is recognized and rewarded.

Sustainability & ESG Rating


Taiga supports and encourages sound forest practices and the effective management of the forest resource for future generations to enjoy.

Taiga's product mix demonstrates the basic conservation principals of reduce, reuse and recycle. Treated wood products reduce the use of our timber resource. Promoting the use of treated wood products indirectly reduces the consumption of our forests by extending the useful life of wood products.

Recycled glass is used in Johns Manville insulation products. As well, Johns Manville insulation is Formaldehyde-free™, which promotes better indoor air quality and a healthier indoor environment.

Waste wood, reclaimed plastic pallet wrap and recycled plastic grocery bags are used to manufacture new age Trex® composite decking products.

Substitute wood products like oriented strand board (OSB) and engineered wood products are gaining prominence within our product mix. These products more efficiently utilize the forest resource without compromising technical performance.