Sperlich Log Construction Inc.

Welcome to CANADIAN PRIDE LOG AND TIMBER PRODUCTS produced by Sperlich Log Construction Inc in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia


Canadian Pride Log and Timber Products is the registered trademark of Sperlich Log Construction Inc.  Our company has been crafting beautiful log and timber buildings for over 25 years.  Our clients in Japan and Germany have been part of the Canadian Pride Log & Timber Products (TM) for almost as long.  Our other clients have been working with us for many years also.  This dedication to our product is a testament to the quality of the Canadian Pride Log & Timber Products. All of our building systems focus on the use of local wood species wherever possible. Sperlich Log Construction Inc is dedicated to providing a log and timber building that will last generations. Our log and timber structures are handcrafted from renewable wood that has been harvested in accordance to the stringent British Columbia Forest Practices Code. All wood in BC must be harvested with minimal impact to the ecosystem and the harvested area must be replanted and left in a "Free to grow" state thus ensuring the return of a healthy forest and ecosystem for future generations to enjoy.  We carefully select logs for size, character and quality.  They are then fitted using the latest proven techniques.  We incorporate as much of the wood's natural features into our buildings to give it that "one of a kind" look.  

Peter Sperlich, President of Sperlich Log Construction Inc., is a 2nd generation log builder.

Certificate of Qualification Log Building with over 25 years experience working with logs and heavy timber. 

Designing/drafting - 10+ years experience using Dietrich's 3-DTimber Frame CAD/Cam software

Considerable management and industry wide relevant knowledge.  Industry leader/advocate

BC Log and Timber Builders Association - past President, Past Vice-President, currently a board member, and has served as chair of Marketing, Membership, and AGM committee.  Also served on the Safety committee in conjunction with Worksafe BC regarding certification program for Crane operators in BC.

BC Wood Specialties Group - on committee for Value to Members