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With strong family values and community spirit – POCO Building Supplies is built on a foundation of hard work and honest pricing. Our service excellence is 100 years in the making. In 1921, Port Coquitlam resident Harry Galer founded the Port Coquitlam Transfer Company to meet the growing transportation demands of Port Coquitlam residents. In fact, he shuttered his shoe store soon after realizing that the demand for hauling coal and lumber in his truck, would probably earn him more money than selling shoes.  

Keep on Truckin'. Our fleet - loaded and ready to roll.

  Harry’s son John purchased the company in 1947 and then in 1967 he moved the business to its current location on Mary Hill Road. It was this very same year that the business became a founding member of TIMBER MART, a Western Canada based buying group that has grown into one of Canada’s largest cooperative for independent business owners, with over 750 member stores across the country. The business passed into the hands of John’s children, Bob, Joe and Lynette, in the early 1980’s. It was during this time that POCO Building Supplies enjoyed considerable growth and became a large player in the Lower Mainland’s building supplies market.

John Galer with young Chris Galer circa 1978 (left) and Chris with son Henry Galer in 2016 (right)

Over 100 years later, POCO Building Supplies remains a well-known fixture of downtown Port Coquitlam. Current stewards and cousins Chris and Jeff Galer are the fourth generation of the Galer family to operate the business and they remain focused on catering to the needs of builders and homeowners alike, by offering a superior level of customer service and honest pricing. At POCO Building Supplies, we also have a long history of supporting the very Community that supports our business. We proudly support local charities, non-profit organizations, schools and minor sports associations, as well as working with organizations that assist individuals who are getting back into the workforce.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Prior to 1990, we began a recycling program for all paper, cardboard and plastic. Metal strapping used for securing lumber loads, as well as any other metal products that can be recycled are delivered by us back to the local foundry for recycling. Un-treated scrap wood from our yard is put in a bin located in the parking lot in front of our store and we invite the general public to use this wood-waste as fire-wood to heat their homes. Wherever possible – we are committed to green initiatives that reduce our impact on the environment.




The products you choose can be delivered right to your door!


Fuel for our trucks is delivered to us via mini-tanker to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption driving to get fuel – thus reducing our carbon footprint.

All Forklift trucks in our yard run on Propane – which is a more efficient method of fuelling heavy machinery than Petroleum based Gasoline or Diesel.



Our consumer Bags in both paper and plastic form are manufactured by local packaging supplier – Tierney’s and we choose to use their eco-friendly range of products. The focus of the products in their ‘Green Choice’ range are that they are not only made from renewable resources – but that they are also recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. These products are developed using the most environmentally friendly processes, resulting in reduced power consumption and manufacturing emissions.

Paper Bags: These are not only both recyclable & compostable, but are also made from paper created right here in the Pacific Northwest. The estimated time it takes for one of our paper bags to degrade depends on wetness and other environmental conditions, but typically they will degrade within a 1-3 weeks.

White Plastic Consumer Bags: Along with our clear nail bags these are oxy-degradable, which means that they will degrade when exposed to heat, light & water.  Plastic bags degrade anywhere from 3-18 months, again depending on the outdoor conditions they are exposed to. Indoors, these bags will start degrading after 12 months.



POCO Building Supplies Paint Department is proud to support the Product Care Program which is designed to help protect the environment by diverting leftover and end of life products from landfills, waterways, and sewers.  Product Care provides consumers with a collection system network for the products it manages. The collected products are then reused or recycled where possible. Product Care is a not-for-profit industry association that manages product stewardship programs for household hazardous and special waste on behalf of its members across Canada.

We are also proud to offer a range of economically priced 100% Recycled Paint