Pacific Rim Cabinets Ltd.

Quality custom cabinets and millwork for every room of your home


At Pacific Rim Cabinets it is our aim to provide our customers with high quality cabinetry that offers outstanding value and personalized customer service. It is our belief that customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. We listen and truly care to help you with your kitchen plans, hopes and dreams.

Kitchens have been my life, my passion, for over 40 years. It started on the shop floor, growing the business from the ground up, perfecting the craft and then establishing a corporate model and pioneering a flexible manufacturing system. With high level of workmanship and strong business values the company evolved and new markets emerged both domestically and overseas. Our success has been a testament to the quality of our product and the relationships that we have created with our customers and suppliers over the years.

I have constructed new factories and seen trends come and go, but the one constant has been you, our customers that I have enjoyed the most. It is a privilege to manufacture kitchens for you and your family.

Sincerely, Bill Dewinetz, Founder

Our History

Pacific Rim Cabinets & Millwork is a manufacturing company located just outside Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Pacific Rim was established in 1997 to build high quality products for the growing Japanese market.

Vancouver is the Canadian gateway to the Pacific Rim, and Japan was the country for our first outreach, contrary to the conventional business flow to the United States.

Japan is a country with unique requirements for export, from specific dimensions and sizing in metric to strict import regulations transportation logistics, lead times, and strict formaldehyde emissions control. (Pacific Rim was the first North American company to receive a four-star rating from the Japanese government for being formaldehyde-free.)

These standards of doing business have set a very high bar for us at Pacific Rim, and have taught us how to succeed in all markets effectively and competitively. Working with Japan has had a tremendous impact on our organization and we are forever grateful to our partners and dealers