Harmac Pacific operates a Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft (NBSK) pulp mill located on the east coast of Vancouver Island near Nanaimo, British Columbia. Nanaimo Forest Products Ltd., the owner of the Harmac Pacific trademark, restarted the mill with a single production line on October 3, 2008, producing NBSK at the rate of 226,000 tonnes per year. In 2009, a second production line was restarted and capital upgrades in 2010 and 2011 brought the mill's production capacity up to 365,000 tonnes of pulp per year.

The Harmac mill produces high quality kraft pulps made from custom blends of Douglas fir, western hemlock, balsam fir, interior SPF and western red cedar. The pulp is sold in Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America . With its strategic location on a deep water port, the mill is well situated for cost effective export of pulp and receipt of raw materials such as wood fiber.

Sustainability & ESG Rating


Harmac operates within provincial and federal environmental requirements and has an excellent working relationship with the local regulatory agencies.

  • Over $177 million has been spent on environmental control equipment in the past 20 years. These expenditures have resulted in significantly reduced emissions to air, water and land.
  • There are no mandated environmental improvements required at this time.

Public Notification-Environmental Emergency Response

Harmac Pacific has implemented and maintained environmental emergency planning as required under Part 8 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. The intent of this notification is to inform the general public of environmental incidents that could potentially result in offsite exposures. The mill wide investigations have concluded that Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) and Propane are the two chemicals with the potential of impacting areas of immediate vicinity of the mill site. A significant release of either chemical will activate a planned emergency response procedure. The emergency procedure includes on site response by personnel trained to control and contain releases of harmful substances. Our procedure also details the notification of outside emergency response agencies and the immediate notification of our neighbours – residential and business. An up-to-date contact list of our neighbours is maintained to ensure notification. In 2019 Harmac Pacific installed a Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) liquid containment and vapor suppression system. This system is designed to contain and prevent any large release of Chlorine Dioxide that would impact the surrounding environment. Harmac Pacific’s propane is supplied by Superior Propane. Superior Propane provides the storage vessels fueling systems. Maintenance and servicing of this equipment is also provided by Superior Propane’s service technicians. For additional questions please contact 250-722-3211 and ask for Safety or Environmental department.

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Forestry Certification

Harmac Pacific Pulp Operations has a forest certification chain of custody program in place which has been successfully audited to both the FSC® and PEFC® forestry Certification Chain of Custody standards and is now able to offer products manufactured from FSC® Controlled Wood.

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