Metropolitan Hardwood Floors Inc.

We’ve been in the flooring business since 1992 and have been manufacturing our own products since 2003.


Metropolitan was born in the Pacific Northwest, amidst a rugged landscape where land and sea meet the sky. In an enduring cycle of seasonal diversity, winter storms and summer sun nurture breath-taking beauty and boundless vitality, creating a deep awareness and appreciation for the natural environment and how it sustains us all.

Respect for the environment, like the force of nature, is uncompromising and fundamental to our values and our purpose. Our vision is clear; design the most progressive and ethically made flooring products possible, and share our passion for our craft, our people and our culture. After nearly 30 years, we remain relentless throughout our product development process and our customers’ journey to ensure we provide the very best products and customer care available, and to live our commitment to clean, vibrant living spaces, both inside and out.

Our Kentwood and Abode hardwood brands embrace the distinctive character and natural beauty of genuine hardwood, while making responsible use of a sustainable resource to produce products of superior performance: hardwood floors to last a lifetime.

Our Evoke line provides high value, high performance floors designed to meet the most exacting environmental and air quality standards for residential and commercial applications.

Over 25 years, we have earned a reputation for integrity and innovative design, and we take inspiration in that uncompromising commitment to ourselves, our customers, and our communities; it informs our work, every day.