Lynden Door Canada

We love doors - doesn't everyone? Residential, architectural and commercial interior wood door manufacturer.


Founded in 1978, Lynden Door is a family owned and operated business that has become one of the leading producers of residential, commercial and architectural doors in the Western U.S. and Canada.

Located on a 52-acre site 2 hours north of Seattle, Lynden Door’s history is deeply rooted in a sincere faith and humble trust in God, and a belief that “if you want a long and satisfying life never forget to be truthful and kind. If you want favor with both God and man, and a reputation of good judgment and common sense, then trust the Lord completely with everything you do, put God first and He will direct and crown your efforts with success” Proverbs 3, The Living Bible.

The business is built around faithfully serving people and supporting Christian ministries. As a family owned business, our desire is to extend that “family” atmosphere to all of our customers, suppliers or employees. The purpose is to honor God in how Lynden Door conducts business. As a business, the goal is to realize a profit by meeting the needs of people. Profit provides business stability and strength and permits growth, which benefits the owners and employees, those with whom they do business, and the community.

At Lynden Door, Inc., we pledge ourselves to:

•  Honor God in all we do. •  Help grow and develop people. •  Pursue excellence •  Grow profitably

Sustainability & ESG Rating


Our product line is responsive to the green programs and materials active in the marketplace. But more than simply responding to demand, we are engaged as product designers and innovators to bring to market doors that can promote intelligent environmental choices. We do this within the context of producing competitively priced, attractive goods with fast lead times and excellent performance characteristics that meet TSCA Title VI green building and LEED requirements


Wood contains an underlying sustainable value based on its fundamental properties, renewability and ability to lock in carbon. And Lynden Door accentuates this basic principle by enhancing the value of wood. We use rapidly renewable resources, demand higher recycled content, use efficient manufacturing to maximize wood fibers, find wood and field chips otherwise destined for a landfill and even send our excess sawdust to local farmers for use as livestock bedding. Already, sustainable wood goes further at Lynden Door.


As product designers, Lynden Door innovates intelligent sustainable interior door solutions. Starting with the inherent sustainability of wood—and Lynden Door practices maximize that value—the sustainability focus extends into no-added urea formaldehyde glues (NAUF) and binders, no-VOC finishing, increased recycled content and third-party certification and accreditation. Lynden Door doesn’t follow the sustainable trends, we make it part of our manufacturing and customer-support process.