Live Edge Design

At Live Edge Design we are wood nerds with a passion for “Bringing Nature inside” through functional art furniture.


Live Edge Design creates unique furniture from salvaged maple slabs. Reclaimed Our products are made of Canadian reclaimed western maple. We use maple that is brought down by storms and what’s left behind by companies looking for only dimensional lumber. Western Big Leaf Maple is sought after by wood turners and musical instrument makers for it's extraordinary figure and beauty. Refined Everything from the cutting, milling, drying, design and product creation is done by our (some what calloused hands) in our workshop and studio on Vancouver Island, Canada. Remarkable Our pieces bring out the beauty of western maple and are highly finished to a satin-smooth touch. Our furniture is built to last an entire lifetime. The quality of our craftsmanship, the durability of our finish and thickness of our solid wood furniture will be there for you and for your family perhaps when no one can even remember the meaning of ‘disposable nation’.