Leslie Forest Products Ltd.



Since 1972, Leslie Forest Products Ltd. has remained a family company. Today, owners Ron, Dave and Jas Sangara continue to work closely with each other, alongside other key family members. The next generation is already in  place and part of a dynamic management team. This same level of commitment is shared with its 30 highly skilled and unionized work force. We're proud to say that some of our team members have worked for  Leslie Forest Products  for more than 3 decades. Over the years, major investments in land, machinery and buildings have resulted in a 10 fold increase in manufacturing capacity. Today, LFP can produce more than 35 million board feet of product per annum. An impressive array of planers, moulders, chopline and specialty machines allow LFP to offer a large and diverse product line. From lath and dunnage to furniture components to Export Clears/STK and Specialty Products. Our long term customers have come to appreciate our versatility, diversity and most of all, our integrity. With program business, we take pride in shipping as scheduled, consistent high quality products that are competitively priced. We welcome new customers and their specialized product requirements. Innovation is deep rooted in our company history.  

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Leslie Forest Products is a proud supplier of Certified Susustainable timber products to all of our customers, around the globe. The forests of British Columbia excel in responsible, renewable and sustainable practices. In 1994, the BC Government passed the Land and Forest Practices Code. It was a Forest Stewardship plan covering everything from fish and wildlife, to water, cultural heritage and of course, timber harvesting. This code has been recognized around the world as one of the most intense forestry plans found anywhere. Most forestry operations meet and surpass the certification requirements of global third party initiatives and standards.

Every year, Leslie Forest Products Ltd. undergoes an intensive audit from PEFC   (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification ) to ensure that we fully meet all the PEFC   standards for 'Chain of Custody' certification. This includes all Fibre Source Declarations. PEFC   is the world's largest forest certification endorsement organization.