Kermode Forest Products Ltd.

Specializing in fencing, decking, T&G panelling and fence-boards.


Kermode Forest Products is a manufacturer and re-manufacturer of high quality softwood lumber products. We supply lumber in rough, dry and semi-finished forms to a range of international factories, millshops, and lumber yards. We are also a lumber retailer, offering decking, fencing, siding, lumber and timber materials at wholesale prices to the public. We operate a remanufacturing plant in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada allowing us to maintain a high level of quality control.

Our log and lumber supply comes primarily from the forests of beautiful British Columbia, where forest management laws are some of the most comprehensive in the world, with primary concern for our environment and sustainability.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Kermode Forest Products is committed to the continued health and sustainability of our forests, environment, and future. The execution of this commitment starts with the suppliers we choose to work with; followed by the care, detail and optimization we push for in our milling process; and finally, the minimization of waste during the sales processes. Our continued effort to identify issues, solve problems, and implement solutions for these processes helps maximize efficiency and thus sustainability. Furthermore, our compliance with certification standards via third parties such as the PEFC, assure our customers of sustainable forest management planning and practices. These internationally-recognized guidelines and processes are derived from highly respected, regulated and long-standing governing entities of the forestry industry and are treated as such.