J&G Log Works Ltd.

The team at J & G Log Works is dedicated to its customers and takes great pride in its products and people. With over 100 years of hands-on experience


Founded in 1995, J & G Log Works was established with the mission to provide logs and lumber to the international market and to set high standards of integrity, innovation, and quality. J & G Log Works is a subsidiary of Husby Forest Products Limited. This affiliation allows for a consistent supply of logs and lumber, but more importantly, brings direct and successful long-term experience to the competitive international marketplace. As a reflection of striving to continuously set standards, Husby's operations are SFI certified, which brings our customers yet another dimension in marketing opportunities.

J & G Log Works has built its business and loyal, diverse customer base by listening to three simple demands: "on-size", "on-grade", and "on-time".

J & G Log Works's core business of providing wood to wholesalers, end users and niche markets finds its products destined for markets in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Today's buyers want assurance that the products they purchase come from sustainable, well managed forests. An independent, third-party certification provides this assurance.

J & G Log Works is PEFC certified

Husby Forest Products Ltd. is committed to responsible forest stewardship on the public lands that have been entrusted to its care

Husby Forest Products Ltd. received its SFI certification in June 2003

When the customer specifies wood from a certified source, J&G will supply it