International Timberframes

International Timberframes is a well-established timber frame company bringing experience, quality and sustainable practices to design, cutting


After coming to Canada in 1999 to help establish timberframing in the Golden area, Swiss master timberframer Sigi Liebmann set up International Timberframes in 2003.

He quickly became known as the go-to wood expert offering advice, ideas, inspiration and individual solutions. International Timberframes are still based in Golden BC.

International Timberframes was borne out of Sigi’s love of wood and his desire to show it’s the most natural and healthy product to build with. With his team of highly skilled timberframers he is passionate about the human art and human touch involved: we cut and prepare by hand, making the most of each unique piece of wood in a way no machine can, using traditional craftsman skills.

The team proudly uses state of the art technologies in design and planning, and combines them with these traditional hand-cutting skills. Keeping the timberframe craft alive is fundamental to the business.

International Timberframes is now a well established Timberframer in BC and Alberta providing all styles of timberframe work, from modern and contemporary to rustic or traditional. We design, cut and install a wide range of projects:

  • Full timber-frame packages for homes or commercial applications
  • Timberframe additions to existing structures
  • Decorative timber accents and brackets
  • Timberframe Stairs
  • Reclaimed Timber
  • Decks and Railings
  • Timber Gazebos and landscape features
  • Speciality heavy timber furniture
  • Heavy timber design and pre-engineering of Timberstructures
  • Dowel Laminated Timber - Wood100 DLT projects

Sustainability & ESG Rating

We believe that words like green, sustainable and healthy have honest meaning beyond marketing. If properly managed wood is the ultimate healthy building material. We will always try to do the right thing, for the client, for the community and for the planet. We take whole-hearted steps to act in as environmentally sustainable a manner as we can, every day, every week, every project.