Heritage Lumber

Vendor of reclaimed lumber & used building materials.



Adam is a certified Passive House builder and a deconstruction & reclaimed wood expert. He flipped his first house at 16 with his father and launched Unbuilders Deconstruction in January 2018. Heritage Lumber split as its own company at the end of 2019 to broker the reclaimed wood and establish a product line. Adam is passionate about his family, skiing, hiking mountains and spending as much time outdoors. He is committed to providing a sustainable future for generations to enjoy.


Garet has always been deeply passionate and contributing something positive and valuable to the world. He started a reclaimed furniture company, First Growth Reclaimed, from his garage in Mount Pleasant 7 years ago. Serendipitously, a pre-1940’s heritage home was being renovated across from his home at this time, and he began salvaging the old growth Douglas fir lumber from the site. He has been in love with the beauty and sustainability of this material ever since, using it in all his projects. Becoming Manager of Heritage Lumber has been a natural progression of the passion Garet has for saving the precious resource of old growth lumber.


Acquiring and selling salvaged lumber and products from old buildings to respect the past while building the future with a lighter footprint.


New projects and interiors constructed for disassembly from past buildings.