Hamill Creek Timber Homes

Hamill Creek Timber Frame Homes has been dedicated to the tradition of designing and crafting unique timber frame homes since 1989.


Our timber frame company is named for Hamill Creek, the creek that runs through the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy in beautiful British Columbia. Living and working in this incredibly beautiful part of the world known for its outdoor adventures and gorgeous scenery gives us a connection to the land and its vast forests. This is at the heart of our inspiration to form a timber frame company, and it is echoed in the craftsmanship that goes into each of our unique timber frame homes.

Our clients come to us over other timber frame companies for more than just a unique home; they come to our timber frame architects to capture the essence of the lifestyle that goes along with a Hamill Creek Timber home: a lifestyle that incorporates the beauty of the natural world with great design and modern amenities.

How our timber frame company began…

Just a few miles from our current site, our founder Dwight Smith worked as a carpenter on his first timber frame home, surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges and Kootenay Lake. During the experience of building his own home, the traditional skills and craftsmanship of timber framing instantly intrigued Dwight. He found that this ancient art was more than just a different way of building; it was a way of life.

Timber Framing Since 1989

Dwight and his wife Debbie started Hamill Creek Timber Homes in 1989. Business began in a small workshop in their own backyard in Hamill Creek, British Columbia with the help of a few employees & timber frame architects. Their own home served as a place to show clients the advantages of timber frame homes and their yard hummed with the sound of forklifts and other machinery. Many years of hard work has since resulted in our timber frame company’s move to a new, much larger facility equipped with a mill and new technology in nearby Meadow Creek, providing work for skilled craftsmen and creating new opportunities for over fifty local people.