Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.

Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd. The Finest Boards


At Gorman Bros. Lumber, we see our family history as the legacy that has shaped our character as a company.  From the beginning, we have prioritized:

  • offering family supporting jobs in a safe environment
  • respecting co-workers by recognizing their abilities and expertise
  • purposefully creating quality product together
  • involving interested community participants to ensure open communication on environmental issues

Gorman Bros. Lumber is known for creating The Finest Boards.  Perhaps even more, we are known for working together.  We value the family roots that connect us and the employees that work here.  This culture of family results in employees staying long term and creating product in a way that gives this small family company a big impact in our communities.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

The Gorman Edge in energy efficiencies


We not only believe in reducing our energy consumption, we have taken intentional steps to ensure we are on the leading edge in this endeavor. The Gorman Bros. Lumber Energy Management program was created in partnership with BC Hydro in 2010 with the goal of reducing energy consumption and raising awareness across all divisions. Many energy efficiency improvement projects and programs have now been successfully implemented and more are planned.

BCH Powersmart program is supported with generous incentive funding for energy-related projects and programs

Energy saving targets are set at beginning of each 2-year term and a ‘Sustainable Energy Management Plan’ is set in place to accomplish the program goals

New projects are identified through BC Hydro-funded plant-wide audit and feasibility studies

Implemented projects include LED lighting upgrades, lighting timer controls, compressed air leak repairs, new air compressors, lumber kiln circulation fan speed optimization, lumber kiln dehumidifier compressor controls modifications, synchronized belt upgrades, production process changes, energy metering systems design and installation

Energy Awareness program includes bulletin board posters, newsletters, Energy Team meetings, crew meetings, BC Hydro-sponsored employee BBQ’s, contests, energy training