Evergreen Empire Mills Incorporated

Evergreen Empire Mills Incorporated has been a reliable wholesale distributor of quality forest products since 1982.


Evergreen Empire Mills was incorporated in Canada in April, 1982. A joint venture between Jack Hetherington, Charlie Loo and The Probyn Group of Companies, log exporters and lumber manufacturers, the new company offered its services to the international lumber industry as a service oriented wholesale supplier of quality forest products.

Even in the depths of the early "Eighties" recession, the company flourished, supplying only quality products and exemplary service. In 1986 The Probyn Group sold its shares to Hetherington and Loo and the two of them wholly own the Company to this day. The association with The Probyn Group was venerable and mutually beneficial. Probyn's initial support gave the fledgling company a foundation on which to thrive and grow to become the company it is today. The Company has built on its early beginnings. Its philosophy of absolute honesty and integrity is as true today, as it was then.