Euro-Rite Cabinets Ltd.

We manufacture beautiful, well-built cabinets that elevate your living space-but more importantly, we make them uniquely yours


We are driven to elevate the lives of the people around us. Whether that is well built cabinets that enhance your home, outstanding customer service that makes you smile, or great workplaces where our employees and colleagues feel valued, we believe in building exceptional spaces. Creating customers for life. For us, cabinets are personal, they help create a home you love. When you put your trust in us to create a dream space, we don’t take that lightly. Building cabinets isn’t our end goal, building customers for life is. Beautiful products. Beautifully crafted. We are a design focused manufacturing company. We pride ourselves on mixing form and function to deliver the highest value product possible. To us, designer cabinets aren’t just how they look, it also means they are designed to be functional, right down to the smallest detail. We put our heart into everything we do. Whether it’s after sale service, construction options, or saving customers time and money, we are passionate about creating a memorable and remarkable experience tailored to each person.