Downie Timber/Selkirk Cedar

Selkirk Select Cedar – Unmatched Quality Lumber


Downie Timber and Selkirk Specialty Products is a diverse forest products company that produces multi species wood products and quality cedar used primarily for finishing.

Located in Revelstoke, British Columbia between the Selkirk and Monashee Mountain Ranges. The climate is perfect for the growth of Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir and is well know for its high-quality fibre.

With a family approach of doing business, and every employee taking personal pride in the products we produce, resulting in our commitment to quality in the products produced at each location.

Downie Timber, which employs approximately 300 persons at its sawmill and value added wood processing plant. Selkirk Specialty Woods, is the major wood manufacturer in the area.

All woodlands operations including harvesting, hauling, road building, forest management services and silviculture are handled by independent contractors.

The City of Revelstoke has undertaken a number of initiatives to support the processing of forest resources in the community.

In June 1993, the City of Revelstoke, in partnership with three local sawmills, purchased a Tree Farm Licence and formed the Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation.

The Corporation is responsible for managing the Tree Farm Licence. As a result, this project helped to secure a guaranteed wood supply for the local processors, provide for economic stability and security, and ensure local control of local resources.

The Revelstoke Community Forestry Corporation operates a log sort yard. This allows the opportunity to purchase selected high quality logs, therefore benefiting local value-added companies and artisans. The 2006 Census reported 450 persons were employed in forestry and wood manufacturing in Revelstoke.

Sustainability & ESG Rating


Wood is a beautiful, natural, renewable resource. We work with many different interest groups, First Nation communities and other stakeholders to make sure that from harvesting to planting, we are fully committed to sustainable forest management.  Through careful planning at the landscape and operational levels, and by utilizing various site sensitive harvesting methods, we can manage our impact in the forest to ensure that the soil and water resources are healthy now and far into the future.