Doubletree Forest Products Ltd.

Wholesale Lumber Sales & Marketing - Western Red Cedar, Lodgepole Pine, Douglas Fir, Spruce, Yellow Cedar, Coastal Hemlock


Doubletree is strategically located on the West Coast of British Columbia Canada. Our location places us in the very heart of Canada’s softwood lumber industry. We are thus able to purchase vast quantities of product from companies that are governed by the Forest and Range Practices Act of British Columbia. FRPA maintains high levels of protection for forest values including watersheds and wildlife habitat.

Doubletrees history can be tracked back to early 1950 when the founder, Neil Reynolds was cruising timber. After having worked in virtually every facet of the sawmill industry, Neil established Doubletree Forest Products in 1977. With a phone and a desk in his basement along with his sons, Doubletree Forest Products was created.