Domtar Pulp and Paper Products

We transform wood fiber into communication, specialty and packaging papers, market pulp and airlaid nonwovens to create products people use every day.


Domtar makes products that people around the world rely on every day. We design, manufacture, market and distribute a wide variety of fiber-based products including communication, specialty and packaging papers, market pulp and airlaid nonwovens. But how we do things is as important as what we do. In every industry we serve, we continually find ways to do a better job. Develop a better product. Improve a manufacturing process. Manage natural resources responsibly and make the best use of every asset we have. We work efficiently, lead quietly and let our products and customer service do the talking. Throughout our history, we’ve relied on our agility to meet the demands of an evolving world. Today, our spirit of innovation drives deliberate improvement and our commitment to caring runs deep. We constantly find better way to serve our customers, support our employees and strengthen our communities. It’s just our way of doing things.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Our pulp and paper mills, including our Hawesville Mill in Kentucky, have been using wood fiber, water and basic chemistry to make useful, recyclable products for more than a century. As technology has advanced, our processes have become more efficient and more sustainable.

Today, Domtar’s environmental teams use technology to improve visibility to standards and to act early to prevent problems. The Hawesville Mill offers lessons in collaboration and innovation while keeping an eye on the environment.