Canadian Timberframes Ltd.

Canadian Timberframes is one of North America's leading timberframe companies and provider of timberframe solutions, structures and components.


Canadian Timberframes has built a reputation as the premier design and manufacturer in the timber frame industry by supplying quality product to clients, builders and architects, resulting in projects across North America. Our timber frame company is located in the Rocky Mountains along the Trans-Canada corridor which means easy access to some of the most sought after timbers on the planet, as well as ease of transportation to your site.

We go from log right to finished product without dealing with another supplier in the manufacturing process. Our integration means competitive pricing no matter where you live.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Canadian Timberframes takes its responsibility towards the environment seriously.  We source 90% of our timber (Douglas Fir) locally, from sustainable and ethically managed forest stands within a two hour drive of our facility. Our Douglas-fir is harvested locally from sustainably managed forests, ensuring that these forest eco-systems maintain their bio-diversity, regeneration and vitality.

Maximum utilization of the log, along with utilization of the by-product, allows for a healthy environment. All wood, off cuts, and wood waste products that are produced in our daily operations are sold to other manufactures or donated locally.

Industries are becoming more concerned with the environmental impact of their practices; the building industry is no different, with many companies aiming to decrease the "carbon footprint" of their projects. The result of well-managed forests is a never decreasing capacity of trees, because, aside from being a building material, trees and forests are an integral part of our ecosystem.