Owned and operated by Georg and Eva Wörnle, Canadian Bavarian Millwork and Lumber has built a reputation for quality and service during its 30 years in business. Located in Chemainus BC, the company specializes in high-end custom millwork, manufactured lumber and architectural products. Canadian Bavarian is committed to environmental and community values. It has taken innovative approaches to make its facilities more environmentally friendly, and its carbon footprint has been reduced significantly with the implementation of a Biomass burner and partnership with BioFlame Briquettes to recycle wood waste. Wood drying services are also available to customers harvesting logs from their own property. Canadian Bavarian is conveniently located along the Trans Canada highway an hour from Victoria and 30 minutes from Nanaimo. The friendly and knowledgeable service team is always willing to answer questions and help with project planning.

Sustainability & ESG Rating


Our facilities utilize Biomass burners to consume our wood waste. The use of Biomass burners is a renewable heating process that is carbon neutral and alleviates the need for the use of traditional heating methods such as oil and natural gas. The heat produced from the Biomass burners is used to heat our kilns and manufacturing facility by using wood waste as fuel.