With roots dating back to 1979, Bakerview Forest Products

Inc. enjoys a long and respected history in the British Columbia Coastal Forest Industry.  Owners Glen Kump and Dave Pollock offer a combined 50 years of experience in lumber remanufacturing and distribution. Today, their knowledge is being shared with the next generation of lumber traders at Bakerview.  

Bakerview stocks and distributes Western Red Cedar - Dimension Lumber and Timber - Clear and STK. In addition, Bakerview maintains an inventory of Douglas Fir and Yellow Cedar - Dimensional Lumber - Clear and STK.

Bakerview offers a variety of remanufacturing options, including kiln drying, re-sawing and planing/moulding. Specialized Custom remanufacturing is available on request.

With lumber traders, here on the West Coast, in Eastern USA, and in Central Canada, Bakerview services both North America, and overseas markets from its Canadian distribution and remanufacturing locations.  

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Bakerview Forest Products Inc. is a proud supplier PEFC™ CERTIFIED & FSC® CERTIFIED  lumber products.

Our British Columbian forest practices have been recognized for commitment to sustainability.  Promoting positive outcomes for the environment, local people and wildlife.