Andersen Pacific Forest Products Ltd

The APFP sawmill is located on land owned by the company in Maple Ridge, B.C


The APFP sawmill is located on land owned by the company in Maple Ridge, B.C. Its primary equipment consists of a seven foot double-cut band mill and carriage, two pony band mills, a band re-saw and three board edgers. Other facilities include log yard and equipment, large log splitter, log barker, lumber grading and sorting facilities, forklifts, covered lumber storage, dip tank, and lumber packaging facilities.

Since 1993, through a process of continuous upgrading and supplementary land acquisition, APFP has established recognition as a specialty mill manufacturing consistent high quality lumber.

Many of our key operators have been at APFP since the beginning. Mill employees are well trained, well informed and strongly committed to producing the highest quality sawn products available from our British Columbia forests.

Plastic chain throughout the mill, soft dogs and an educated work force enable APFP to provide a stain free product to the market, in accordance with our mill philosophy of minimizing fibre waste and maximizing lumber quality. We use thin kerf saws and have precise end trimming, size controls of less than 1mm variation, and accurate grading.

APFP can accommodate special requests. For example, our customers often want smaller lumber lots, delivered more frequently. We invite you to discuss your requirements with our sales team—and we will do whatever we can to accommodate your needs. Specialized grades, high quality packaging, consistency in lumber out-turns and on-time, frequent deliveries—that’s what makes APFP successful. We offer lots of packaging options including bottom boards, waxing (oil or water based), newspaper between tiers, and so on. Through these and other initiatives, APFP will continue to provide superior value added services.