Acoustic Woods Ltd

Direct Access to the Finest Logs from BC Forests


Acoustic Woods Ltd. is a privately owned, family-operated manufacturer of tonewoods. The company is situated in the heart of Vancouver Island, on the west coast of Canada.

We started in year 2004 as a guitar wood retail business, but expanded in 2006 into full-scale manufacturing - every stage of the guitar soundboards business from log purchase through to selling wholesale to guitar companies worldwide.

Today, we manufacture more than 2000 guitar tops every working day. A typical month includes shipping one, two , or even three containers of guitar soundboards to Asian manufacturers, and smaller orders (ranging from 100 to 10,000 guitar tops) to smaller companies. We are proud to supply almost every major manufacturer of guitars, worldwide.  We are respected for our quality control, ability to provide large volumes of tops, and our fair pricing.