Sun-Mar Corporation

Sun-Mar is a Canadian based manufacturer and leader in composting technology specializing in composting toilets and garden composters.


Founded in 1983, Sun-Mar is a pioneer in composting and recycling technology.  With its complete line of composting toilets and garden products, the company has achieved a worldwide leadership position based on unique product designs and patented technologies.  Sun-Mar designs, assembles and distributes each product to ensure and maintain high quality standards.  Only Sun-Mar has composting toilets that are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to NSF/ANSI Standard #41 for residential use.

Products are sold through a worldwide network of thousands of dealers.  Sun-Mar is a privately owned company headquartered in Ontario, Canada with facilities in New York, USA.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Water is our most valuable resource on Earth, and in many places it’s getting scarce. So scarce that we can’t afford to be flushing it down the toilet.  Sun-Mar toilets use little to no water when compared to the amount used by conventional toilets. As a result, Sun-Mar toilets save a huge amount of water.

A four-person household using a conventional 3.5 gallon flush toilet will flush some 70 gallons of water per day down the toilet. This works out to an annual volume of over 25,000 gallons of clean water per year. That is a lot of clean water being used for the removal of waste.

So far, we calculate that based on our mix of residential and seasonally used units, Sun-Mar has saved a massive 3.2 billion gallons of water up to January 2008, a figure that is increasing by an amazing 6,103 gallons each and every minute.

Human waste is over 90% water content. Sun-Mar toilets evaporate much of this liquid and carry it back to the atmosphere via the vent system. Depending on the model, a Sun-Mar can evaporate up to 2 gallons per day. By evaporating liquids, your Sun-Mar is ensuring that no pathogens or nutrients escape to pollute your lake, river, stream or groundwater.

Conventional toilets allow pathogens and nutrients especially potassium and nitrogen to pollute your water. This will gradually kill a lake’s ecosystem by fostering weed growth and removing dissolved oxygen.

Nothing can beat a Sun-Mar when it comes to saving water.