MP Global Products

Manufacturing innovative and environmentally friendly flooring underlayment, floor heating, and underdeck ceiling products.


MP Global Products is a leading manufacturer of high performing acoustic underlayment. Our company philosophy has always centered on the concept of kindness to the environment. If you have any questions on the benefits of underlayment, ask us. 

From the start, we've been an innovator and leader in the manufacture of sustainable acoustical underlayments for hard surface flooring. In the manufacture of our eco-friendly products, every month we divert 760 tons of post-industrial, pre-consumer textile fibers from landfill.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

From Day One, our plan has been simple: "Take what no one wants anymore and recycle it into something that provides high performance and value." 20 years later, with this mindset and our unique, patented manufacturing process, MP Global Products produces high-performing products made primarily from recycled materials.