Earth Weave Carpet Mills, Inc.

North America's only manufacturer of all natural, non-toxic carpet and rugs.


Founded in 1996, Earth Weave was the first carpet manufacturer in the United States to introduce a running line product that incorporates only 100% natural materials.

Our Bio-Floor™ carpet is completely different than any of the other wool carpets made today that are full of claims to be eco-friendly and natural. Those products are full of synthetic chemicals whether it is the non-organic face yarn dyes, mothproofing, stain protection and/or in the synthetic styrene butadiene adhesive backing. Chemicals are not healthy. Earth Weave knows this and now you do too!

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Many companies are just "green washing" the public by touting to recycle and/or use recycled products. We do not feel that synthetics are sustainable and therefore not "green/eco". As we all know, petroleum is a finite, non-renewable resource. We are committed to 100% sustainable resource floor-coverings and will not manufacture a product from non-renewable petrochemical resources. This would include the “recycled pop bottle products” gaining popularity today. Even though these products are marketed as environmentally friendly because of their recycled origins, putting pop bottles into floor-coverings halts the recycling process. The fact is, virtually all consumer floor-coverings go to the landfill after their useful lives have expired. We feel that to be truly green a company must be sustainable and offer a truly healthy product. By having healthy, sustainable products that are naturally based, the planet is replenished at the end of a product's lifecycle. This is true recycling! Bio-Floor™ is 100% bio-degradable and if taken to the landfill will decompose just as trees, brush and grass clippings do. The nutrients then go back into the earth to be used in whatever way mother nature sees fit. From Nature To Nature™. Uniquely by Earth Weave.