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ICF Bracing Rental. Giraffe Bracing's ICF Wall Alignment Systems and Concrete Deck Shoring Systems can be found for Rental throughout Canad…


Giraffe Bracing has positioned itself to be the leader in design, manufacturing and distribution of ICF Bracing Systems and Concrete Deck Shoring Systems for the 21st century.  At Giraffe ICF Bracing we pride ourselves on cutting-edge product development and the use of the highest quality materials available. We listen to our customers and what they need on their construction site to make their job easier, and we then incorporate this valuable feedback into our ICF Bracing Systems.

The Giraffe all steel ICF Bracing System is proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in Canada! If you want to get the alignment of ICF walls plumb vertical, then think Giraffe ICF Bracing - the original durable ICF bracing solution. 

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Manufactured in North America from the best of durable materials, and housed in a steel crate system that helps keep everything accounted for, Giraffe ICF Bracing has consistently rated the #1 and most durable ICF Bracing system in the world. We take the environment and use of materials seriously, and our products can be safely and easily reconditioned or recycled at the end of life stage.