Glendyne Inc.

The largest slate deposit in North America, A unique slate of exceptional quality


Glendyne Slate Inc. is located in Saint-Marc-du-Lac-Long, Quebec, Canada. The deposit is of exceptional quality due to the fine schistosity and purity of its slate. Two divisions: Roofing and Design, interior and exterior design products.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

At Glendyne,our commitment to the environment goes beyond the natural and ecological products we offer. Indeed, since the beginning of its activities, Glendyne has attached paramount importance to the protection and conservation of the exceptional site that is Saint-Marc-du-Lac-Long.Our commitment is manifested in particular by the respect of the rules regarding the quality of water. Glendyne has three settling ponds to treat the sawn water from the plant and thus meet the quality level required by the Quebec Ministry of the Environment. Water samples are regularly analyzed by an accredited laboratory. Also the use of geothermal energy contributes greatly to a significant reduction in fossil fuels.

So at Glendyne,the environment is treated with respect and is part of the company's intrinsic values.