Via Capitale

Real estate banner dedicated to exceptional houses


Founded in 1991, the banner quickly established itself throughout Quebec thanks to its service offering focused on the protections offered to clients during a real estate transaction. Over the past 20 and a few years, the company has evolved according to consumer needs and market trends while maintaining a professional, innovative and human image. The very name has evolved from La Capitale Maître-Courtier to Réseau immobilier La Capitale and finally to its current name. At Via Capitale, we not only make real estate transactions, we also constantly adapt to market trends and your needs. Our approach, focused onsupport and customer satisfaction,allows us to position ourselves as a leader in the real estate market. Moreover, according to a Léger survey, the customer satisfaction rate with Via Capitale brokers is so high that clients do not hesitate to recommend them to those around them. Our brokers offer the experience so much sought after by clients and they get the best benefits! And who says house sold by a broker Via Capitale, says buyer and seller protected! Indeed, find the house of your dreams on our website and buy it through a participating Via Capitale broker and you will benefit from our Mortgage and Home Protections. The seller is not to be outdone since his participating broker offers him the Owner Protection which protects him against the failure of the promising buyers to conclude the sale. For twenty years we have been developing real estate protection programs, which makes us pioneers in the field and gives us a privileged position in the industry. Today the name Via Capitale is synonymous with protections and innovations!

Sustainability & ESG Rating

EcoCourtier accreditation: a new generation of real estate brokers is on our doorstep! Designed by Écohabitation and Via Capitale, the brand new accreditation is aimed at brokers wishing to develop their knowledge of ecological housing. Launched by Écohabitation and Via Capitale in 2014, the ÉcoCourtier accreditation is a program that provides real estate brokers with the necessary tools to better meet the needs of a growing ecological clientele, who question and are interested in the healthy and sustainable components of a home. Through this program, brokers are able to advise their clients on the components of an ecological home or propose improvements to make a future home healthier.