Passive House LA

Architect, Certified Passive House Designer (CPHD), LEED-AP, Architectural Branding & Tenant Improvements (TI),


Established in 2007, PARAVANT Architects is an innovative international architecture and planning firm. We bring design expertise from around the world to our office in Los Angeles, CA. While client satisfaction is forefront in our practice, we strive to approach each project thoughtfully, offering a unique solution that fits the client’s needs while maintaining the fiscal parameters of the project. With a combined experience of over 40 years in the profession, PARAVANT Architects draws from experience in the U.S., Central America, Asia, the Middle East, and throughout Europe to offer our clients an international, multifaceted approach to design. Based on the founding partners’ work experiences and education in Germany, PARAVANT Architects is keenly aware of the PASSIVE HOUSE Construction Standard and buildings assembled with reduced embodied carbon materials. We encourage all of our clients to make responsible decisions for future generations. PARAVANT’s belief in the dissemination of good design has resulted in various teaching opportunities and publications.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

PASSIVE HOUSE is a building standard that is truly energy-efficient, comfortable, affordable, and ecological all at the same time. PASSIVE HOUSE building principles have been around for more than 30 years and follow the 5x typical principles illustrated below. The PASSIVE HOUSE standard has been successfully implemented worldwide with tens of thousands of buildings in all different hot and cold climates. Buildings are designed specifically for local conditions. Typical buildings consume up to 40 percent of global energy use and contribute up to 30 percent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions and are contributors to climate change. With Passive House standards you will enjoy comfort, exceptional indoor air quality, and a healthy sustainable home with low utility bills. The PASSIVE HOUSE Standard offers a solution towards a low-carbon future for residential and commercial building.