Our team is the source of our strength. Our team member’s competence, knowledge, and experience offer thoughtful solutions with measurable performance. We balance the project’s resources in order to create the client’s vision. Thoughtful Balance offers... People-focused, resilient design Energy Master Planning, Passive House Consulting, design, production, construction supervision, and thermal imaging Energy performance & Passive House in climate zones 4, 5, & 6 Beautiful, supportive, and healthy interiors Budget driven decision-making Community engagement Integration with the eco-system Performance based energy savings for owners

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Passive House gives our clients startling energy savings. By following a simple set of criteria, we make buildings that use up to 80% less energy. It’s like putting a thermal lunch bag over the building…it keeps the space warm when it needs to be warm and cool when it needs to be cool. Passive House is a no-brainer. Yes, the building science is complex but the end result is quite simple. The energy savings are so compelling that buildings generating positive energy are within reach. Sustainability is really about health. We consider air-quality, the water-cycle, material selection, and site analysis to insure the health of building occupants, the site, the eco-system and the planet.