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European Windows and Doors for Passive House and Modern Architecture


When CEO Ben Freed was building his own net-zero home in 2012 he learned how difficult getting high quality European windows can be. Ben saw the need for a company to pair high quality services with the world's best windows. He also saw an opportunity to bring energy efficient design into the mainstream. Ben teamed up with longtime friend Jared Madsen to do just that and in May 2015, Mavrik (then called Prossimo) was born. EFFICIENCY ISN'T A NICHE It's a no-brainer. With European windows you get increased comfort and quality while actually saving you money on comparable US windows. Add to that the energy savings and lower utility bills... well, you get the picture. Our mission is to make the entire process of specifying, ordering and installing these windows seamless and cost-effective. In order to do this, we provide: 1. Competitively priced, super efficient European windows. 2. Ironclad project-specific service including design consultation, quality install details, and on-site assistance. TRIED. TRUE. TRIPLE PANE. Windows can make or break the thermal performance of a building. All of our windows are designed to be air-tight and energy efficient. Their designs are based on the most aggressive energy efficiency standards in the world. A great window is nothing without proper installation. That's why we work closely with architects to get install details right and then connect you with our certified installers to carry it out. This ensures long term water-tightness, air-tightness, and thermal bridge-free construction. And it saves everybody headaches down the line.

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We manufacture Triple Pane European Windows and Doors for Passive House and Modern Architecture