European Architectural Supply (EAS)

European Architectural Supply (EAS) is a leading supplier of fine European windows that focuses on high energy performance projects.


European Architectural Supply, based in Massachusetts, has been delivering products of unrivaled craftsmanship and environmental sensibility to customers all over the United States for over ten years. We specialize in high-quality engineered windows and doors, custom-built in every style, from classic traditional designs to sleek modern conceptions. We work on new construction and major renovation projects to achieve energy performance targets such as Passive House, Net Zero Energy and Deep Energy Retrofit. Our European custom tilt and turn windows manufactured with German technology blend performance, function and style and are adaptable to both contemporary and traditional architecture.

Our windows are manufactured in Europe and shipped directly to our customer's building site. Our products combine the best of European master craft with state-of-the-art technology for unparallelled beauty and performance.

Each product is uniquely handcrafted to our customer's specifications with the highest dedication to quality. We pride ourselves in our Passive House offerings, which combine the highest energy efficiency standard in building with the strictest stylistic requirements. Our Schuco Passive House curtain wall system is pushing performance and energy efficiency to new levels.

We offer a variety of choices in sash widths, muntin and mullion profiles, jamb extensions, casings, and glazing. We are dedicated to offering the highest level of customer service. With a keen attention to detail and constant communication with the client, we function as collaborative partners with architects and clients. We are involved in every stage of the project, from design to installation. We have the highest commitment to expert craftsmanship and design excellence. This is the reason why EAS has been a leading supplier of premium quality windows and doors in North America for over 10 years.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

EAS provides a complete offering of European-made products for the Passive House building community. Passive House Institute Certified Products: Makrowin MW88G2 Wood Windows and Doors Schuco AluInside uPVC Windows and Doors Schuco AWS90 Aluminum Windows and Doors Schuco FWS 50.SI Curtain Wall System These products represent the state-of-the-art in energy performance, significantly exceeding even the most recent Energy Star and LEED guidelines. With triple-pane glass U-values as low as 0.07 Btu/(hr·ft²·F°) and frame U-values of 0.13 Btu/(hr·ft²·F°), we provide the highest efficiency fenestration products in the US.