AeroAggregates is a U.S.-based manufacturer of lightweight aggregate made from 100% recycled glass


AeroAggregates LLC is the first vertically-integrated, U.S.-based company to produce lightweight aggregates from 100% recycled glass. Our manufacturing capabilities include the ability to make several types of foamed glass including both open and closed cell aggregates. The founders of AeroAggregates realized the need for a sustainable solution for lightweight construction materials due to increased design or constructability requirements. Today’s civil engineering challenges include construction on soft soils, lateral load reduction behind retaining walls and structures, insulating subgrade and backfill, and the protection of underground utilities. AeroAggregates provides an answer to many of these challenges by supplying a lightweight material with a high friction angle that is also insulating, free-draining, non-absorbent, non-combustible, and resistant to chemicals, rot and acid. Its manufacturing plant is located in Eddystone, PA, a brownfield redevelopment site that was formerly the location of Baldwin Locomotive Works.

The AeroAdvantage is the weight and strength of UL-FGA. AeroAggregates are 85-90% lighter than quarried aggregates, have a high friction angle, and are good insulators due to their closed cell structure.

  • High Insulating Values
  • Prevents Frost Heave
  • Easily Compacted
  • Rot Resistant
  • Insect Resistant
  • Free Draining

Sustainability & ESG Rating

AeroAggregates has established a beneficial reuse of recycled glass that would otherwise be disposed of in a landfill. The final product has been proven to be a cost-effective alternative to other lightweight materials currently used on infrastructure projects in multiple applications.

Our manufacturing plant is located on a brownfield redevelopment site that was formerly the Baldwin Locomotive plant in Eddystone, PA. For decades, Baldwin was the world's largest producer of steam locomotives.

The equipment used by AeroAggregates to produce foamed glass aggregates was specifically designed to be energy efficient. As a result, there is less energy used and subsequently less CO2 produced when making foamed glass aggregate compared to other lightweight fill materials.

The carbon footprint continues to be reduced during shipping due to the ultra-low unit weight of foamed glass aggregate.  AeroAggregates can ship up to 100 CY per truckload.   In comparison, traditional quarried aggregates would require up to 8 trucks to ship the same 100 CY volume.

Once delivered to a construction site, foamed glass aggregate is placed in 2-foot lifts and does not require a roller for compaction. This further reduces the carbon footprint due to speed of construction and less equipment required to place and compact.

AeroAggregates is one of a limited number of companies that covert 100% recycled waste into a technically-proven construction material.

Today, AeroAggregates diverts the equivalent over 140 million glass bottles from landfill every year.

Foamed glass aggregate diverts waste from landfills and by doing so, is supporting municipalities’ waste reduction goals while providing a cost effective, technically proven, building material for infrastructure projects.

Foamed Glass Aggregate:

  • Diverts waste from landfills
  • Produced with a lower carbon footprint compared to other lightweight materials
  • Reduces the number of trucks on the road required for delivery
  • Supports accelerated construction