By its reliability and flexibility, Milette Doors places its customer at the heart of its actions by providing a decor element of superior quality


Since the creation of our company in 1967, we are proud of what has been accomplished here at Milette Doors. The concern for quality in our products, the highly customized service and the well-being of our employees are very important values to us. Our superior quality of products, manufactured with sustainable materials and a unique high-precision process, a devoted team of experienced wood craftsmen with the sustained commitment from each member of our team, demonstrate our concern regarding the production of reliable and responsible products. This is why we have implemented various practices that help materialize our commitment regarding our collaborators, our clients, our suppliers, our community and the environnement. We can offer the flexibilty that you need, at the right price, to meet your goals at a style and ambiance level and also to succeed at your renovations projects.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Every product manufactured at Milette Doors contribute to obtain LEED credits in the Materials & Resources and Indoor Environment Quality categories. The LEED contribution of Milette Doors' products have been validate by Vertima. Always with the goal to meet our clients' expectations, which are at the heart of our actions and decisions, we concede a particular attention to our selection of suppliers. We take the time to validate if their values and objectives meet those of Milette Doors. Thus, we ensure that every piece of wood that is part of our manufacturing process comes from a sustainable ressource. We rely on the reuse of materials and products to eliminate our production-based needs in fossil energy so that our greenhouse emissions becomes carbon neutral. Milette Doors contribute to reduce its environmental footprint, including the recovery, treatment and processing of waste solvents as well as the maximum use and recycling of paper coming from entirely recycled fibres.