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Ridge Energy performs Residential Energy Evaluations licensed by Natural Resources Canada

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Home energy audits. A Ridge Energy Advisor will perform a pre-retrofit audit – before you begin renovations or upgrades. From the report, y…


Helping homeowners improve the efficiency of their homes, lower their bills, use less energy and lessen the impact on our planet.
Licensed under the Government of Canada
We’re licensed to deliver residential energy assessments to owners of single-family homes across Canada. Under various Provincial and local programs, property owners can qualify for grants and rebates by improving the energy efficiency of their homes and reducing their home’s impact on the environment.
Our Commitment to the Planet
Our passion is to make the world a better place. That’s why we’re in this business.
Our commitment to the Planet and to you is to plant a tree for every audit we conduct. We just planted 3000 trees, get your name on one!!
And currently, our solar panels power 6 homes. And we’re growing!

Ridge’s Registered Energy Advisors: Backed with Experience & Comprehensive Training
Our Energy advisors must have experience, skills and knowledge in:
Construction Practices for existing low-rise housing
Energy-efficient renovation practices
Residential building materials
Residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
Building science including the principles of the ‘house as a system’

We ensure that our Energy Advisors are comprehensively trained with consistent quality checks and continuous update training. They have the latest digital test equipment supplied by Retrotec Inc.